After having an allergic reaction to propylene glycol (a preservative often found in skincare and cosmetic lines), Nikki Powers made the decision to switch to clean products.

Unfortunately, she struggled to find products without propylene glycol— even natural skincare lines include derivative called propanediol.
So, to nurture her own skin back to health, Nikki founded Nourish & Refine— a small line of all-natural, luxury organic skincare and conscious wellness products intended to 'nourish and refine' both the body and the mind.

A long time practitioner and teacher of yoga, Nikki studies the ancient practice of Ayurveda— the science of self-healing and self-care. It is in this spirit that she shares her own self-care practices and the benefits of all-natural products through Nourish & Refine.

Nourish & Refine products are made with care, by hand, in New York City.
Lacey Woodroof