Limited Edition Rose Face Mist


This beautiful, Rose Face Mist is made from roses that were grown, hand-selected, and distilled at Star Bright Farm in Maryland. Made from a very limited edition batch, this face mist has the most exquisite rose scent.

The rose has been a part of human history dating back 5000 years. Its oil has often been called “the oil of love” and history shows it has been a part of the dialogue of romance, spiritual awakening, medicine, perfume, and literature. The distillation of the rose is attributed to an Arabian physician, alchemist, and philosopher named Ibn-Sina AKA Avicenna ( 980-1037 AD). As the story goes, Avicenna was attending a party at a castle that had roses growing up the sides of the castle walls and a moat below filled with floating roses. He was captivated by the intoxicating aroma of the flora and noticed a thin film of oil on the surface of the water.

With his chemistry background and inventive mind, he knew that he could figure out how to capture the essence of the rose. He developed the cooling coils that we have in modern-day condensers, which were a great improvement to the then crude methods of distillation -they were also better suited for the delicate flowers of the rose.

1200 years later we distill our hand-picked roses with the same methods. Our rose hydrosol is soft and sweet and is reminiscent of romantic literature.

Profile: Old Rose fragrance with warm fruity notes and hints of sweet floral. Calming and uplifting

Anti Bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Balances the Ph in your skin which is helpful for locking in moisture especially to mature skin. Spray liberally on the skin followed by your facial oil or cream.