Nourish & Refine is now offering personalized yoga and meditation sessions.
All sessions are tailored to the client's personal goals and needs.


Gentle Yoga: a beautiful blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga where you will be guided throughout your practice to connect with your breath.  Pranayama and Asana practices are woven together to bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for meditation and containing the meditative state.

Restorative Yoga: a slow, meditative practice concentrating on Pranayama and a few Asanas.  The focus of the class is on breathing deeply throughout the class to ensure full restoration to your body, mind and spirit by holding the postures.

Foundations & Basics: an introduction to all elements of Yoga, from poses to meditation to chanting.

Structure & Alignment of Postures: detailed instruction on how to enter and exit poses in a safe manner, from beginner to advanced poses.

Breathing Techniques: an overview of various techniques and their purposes, including 3-part breath; yoga nidra; and ujjayi breath. Includes a meditation primer.

Meditation: an introduction to the practice through a combination of rest and relaxation, paired with breath-work.

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