Recycle With Us

Join us in reducing our carbon footprint by reusing or upcycling your empty Nourish & Refine containers.

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Recycle for Rewards

1. Save Your Empties

2. Send Us a Picture of How You're Creatively Reusing Them

3. Choose one free Nourish & Refine skincare product ($50 or less) or 500 Rewards Points.

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Ingredients Aren't All That Matter

In addition to utilizing only responsibly-sourced, all-natural ingredients, Nourish & Refine minimizes our packaging and containers to reduce environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will I know if Nourish & Refine receives my picture & email?

We'll follow up with an email confirmation within 3 business days.

Where can I learn about Rewards?

Learn more about our Rewards Program here.