We are ~finally~ having our first snow and as beautiful as it is to watch the snowflakes fall, we know winter can be a real burden to our skin. From dry skin to chapped lips, we have every cold-weather remedy you could ask for to satisfy the chilly downside of winter. Here are five of our winter must-haves for beautiful, radiant skin!
We all know the feeling of walking outside on a cold winter’s day only to be blasted with a whoosh of cold air, leaving our skin feeling dry and chapped. Have no fear because our winter body butter is here! Our specially made body butter is only available during the coldest months of the year, delivering the most moisturized formula your skin has ever experienced. Made from shea and cocoa butter and infused with jojoba, one of the best ingredients to lock in moisture, there will be no dry skin here. Put it on your body and hands, and your skin will have you feeling like you are floating on air. 
Take it from us, nothing is worse than chapped lips in the wintertime. You know, lips that are cracked and raw, are even more sensitive when wearing our masks. That is why having a good lip scrub and balm comes in handy. We love our Sweet Lips Honey Lip Balm and the all-natural Raspberry Lip Scrub, separate or together as a pair. From honey and sugar crystals to raspberry powder to soften and exfoliate the lips, nothing is better than the feeling of smooth lips. Not only will your lips feel better, but there is an added beauty bonus. By scrubbing your lips, you whisk away dead skin cells, dry skin, and leave a smooth surface for beauty application, be that balm, gloss, or lipstick. 
If you are not one for a thick moisturizer during winter, a luxurious body oil might be more of the product you are going for. Our Natural Body Oil is still deeply hydrating, but light enough to wear every day. With ingredients like organic sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and a blend of all-natural aromatic essential oils, not only will your skin feel incredibly soft, but you will smell delightful too! We recommend the best use of our body oil is applying directly after jumping out of the shower, that way the moisture will lock right into the skin. Tip: mix in a few drops of our Natural Body Oil to your favorite moisturizer to easily penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.
Much like our Natural Body Oil, our Luxury Face Oil is perfect for someone looking for something light, yet full of great ingredients for hydration. All-natural anti-aging rosehip oil helps target fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing and feeding the skin. In our opinion, the greatest part about this product is the fact that you can use it in so many different ways. From a base moisturizer to mixing it in with another moisturizer for double the hydration, to using it on the ends of your hair. Our Luxury Face Oil is not just a luxury for your skin, but for other parts of you as well. There is nothing worse than having a dry face in the middle of winter, but luckily our face oil comes to the rescue to save your winter skin. 
Nothing beats the smell of citrus in the morning. That is why we love our Citrus Face Mist, which adds the perfect multi-use product to our lineup. Created from a blend of blood orange water and ginger water, you not only get a reenergizing burst of goodness, but that burst contains all of the purest antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs.
A few of it's many uses include: 
refreshing your face and body
adding an extra layer of protection
setting makeup
energizing you in the morning
freshening pillows and blankets
This face mist does it all and will carry you from season to season without missing a spritz. 
October 15, 2021 — Nikki Powers