Refresh Face Mask Set


Refresh Face Mask Set

Enjoy our mini or 1 oz Pure White Rosewater paired with a gorgeous watercolor mask by DAMARAN. DAMARAN masks are handmade with high-quality soft materials for you to feel comfortable. The ear loops are incredibly soft, you won’t even feel them! Hand wash and hang dry to maintain the integrity of the mask.

Pure White Rosewater is derived from white rose petals grown in Bulgaria’s, valley of the roses. Hold the spray 6 inches in front of your face and spray until your face has a light layer then let air-dry. Use in the morning or after a workout as a skin refresher.


  • Tones the skin (spray on face & body before and after moisturizer)

  • Sets makeup (spray after makeup is applied)

  • Promotes unconditional love, happiness, and peace (spray on and around you)

  • Attracts love (spray on and around you)

  • Promotes positivity in your home (spray in each room of your home, before and after visitors)

  • Air freshener: Linen and pillow spray

Ingredients: Pure White Rosewater (the rose quartz pieces have been discontinued)

Nourish & Refine all-natural skincare and conscious lifestyle products are handmade in small batches using 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.